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Foreign Exchange

A Comprehensive Analysis of Foreign Exchange (FX) Transactions & Risks

Eventus partners with its clients to understand and evaluate their cross-border business and to generate a comprehensive analysis of their Foreign Exchange (FX) transactions and risks.

Why Eventus for FX?
  • Reduce expenses of FX transactions easily and significantly by reducing “financial leakage” – unnecessary conversions, exorbitant exchange rates, or excessive fees.
  • Prevent FX losses through more precise management of currency risk.
  • Simplify and clarify FX processes and data.
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Questions to Ponder...
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Do you transact in foreign currencies?
  • Send or receive payments in currencies other than your own?
  • Convert one currency to another for ongoing operations (ex. intra-company funding or A/R) and/or one-time events (ex. acquisitions, divestitures)?
  • Manage the risk of such transactions in the future, i.e. hedge?
  • Does your Balance Sheet have items that are denominated in foreign currencies? (ex. A/R, A/P, I/C loans, Cash)

Have your FX processes been evaluated recently? We have found that FX is often neglected because it can be “mysterious” and typically there is little to no transparency into the pricing.

Let Eventus partner with you to understand your cross-border transactions through a comprehensive, tailored review of your transactions, methods, and processes for FX. In addition to benefits to financial performance, our review often identifies opportunities to simplify processes and clarify FX data, which can help to improve your operational performance.

Let Eventus conduct a No Cost / No Obligation analysis of your FX activity to improve your financial performance through reduction of expenses and prevention of losses, as well as your operations through simplification of processes and clarification of FX data.

We have consistently found that your minimal effort can generate a high ROE……Return on Effort.

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