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How Bank Fee Optimization Works

Eventus Payment Solutions is here to help you evaluate your monthly bank fees by bringing in an experienced and knowledgeable banker to review, and benchmark your bank fees, and then negotiate your fees to “Best in Class” pricing. Our Bankers have decades of experience and save their customers thousands of dollars annually.  Our Bankers are successful because they know the interworking on the banking industry and how to negotiate while strengthening the relationship.  Sound too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look at how our process works.

What Is Bank Fee Optimization?

Have you ever thought that you are overpaying for your bank fees? We tend to believe you are. Our data shows us 85% of customers are overpaying for their bank fees.  However, have you ever been able to qualify how much you are overpaying by?  Do you have the resources and industry data to support your belief? We realize many finance teams are faced with the challenges of too many projects and too few resources.  Capturing, analyzing, and evaluating your bank fees barely receives the attention it requires. Therefore, bank fees are neglected or simply just accepted. No more! Eventus Payment Solutions is here to help!

With Eventus Payment Solutions analysis we quantify how much you are overpaying by.  Eventus will benchmark your bank fees for your domestic and international fees. Our analysis brings transparency and data driven details to the bank conversation which allows our clients to realize a 20 to 40% reduction in their monthly fees.  Eventus Payment Solutions is also able to lock-in your new fees for the next 3-5 years

In the end your bankers appreciate talking to someone who knows the ins and outs of treasury management, as we know the industry secrets. Let us share them with you!!

Why Eventus Payment Solutions

  • Eventus will gain visibility into your domestic and global bank fees at the most granular level; we get into the weeds
  • Benchmark your bank fees, to include your Earning Credit Rate (ECR), as well as any commercial card rebate you may be receiving
  • Understand what you’re paying for and help you eliminate duplicate or unneeded services
  • Uncover bank billing errors and help you recover the loss
  • Identify recurring savings opportunities
  • Develop a roadmap for moving forward
  • Negotiate pricing on your behalf
  • Deliver a Report Card to show your savings
  • Provide guidance and support during your decision-making process
  • Establish long-term contracts with your selected banks
  • Monitor your bank fees

Contact us for a NO Cost, NO Obligation analysis to see where your fees compared to similar companies.

How We Work:

With over 25 years’ experience, we’ve perfected our processes to provide optimal savings to transform banking relationships into more balanced, efficient, and proactively managed partnerships.

Our Process & Methodology
We approach every project in five stages:
Eventus Bank Fee Processes
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